Invisible Shores – South America… Coming soon


I need to begin by apologising for my prolonged silence. My book writing has been on hold for a time whilst I’ve been focused on other ventures. Last you probably heard was that ‘Invisible Shores’, the book about myself and two friends travelling around South America, was on it’s way… That was well over a year ago, maybe two.

Now, it really is on it’s way. After incessant bullying from friends and family it has been dragged out of storage and beaten like a ginger… Uh, rug. Yesterday it flapped off to be proofed and laid out for printing. It will be out by the end of next month. Of course, I’ll let you know closer to the time and pray that you buy it and read it with a favourable eye.

Thanks for sticking around. I promise not to abandon you again.

O x