OTB and the hipsters of Bristol… 1st horror

He woke at the first blush of day, stretched and climbed from bed. He began his day with a sun salutation, his muscles loosening, his mind clearing before finishing last nights, sustainably sourced sushi. He sat with his coffee, fair trade, stroked his designer beard and smiled. He tilted his head, wondering where the sudden feeling of unease had come from. He resolved to talk about it at his next ‘Mindfulness’ group meeting.

Deep within the diabolical monster’s mind Ollie The Bastard thrashed. This wasn’t the plan. He knew his mission but somewhere along the way he had stopped pretending and started to become one of the fiends. He twisted in his bonds and screamed.

The monster only frowned, scratched its ear and resumed writing a blog entry on the dangers of big business and the terrors of a capitalist regime , the logo emblazoned on his computer glittering like due covered fruit in the soft morning light.