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Back and bloggier than ever!!!

Back and bloggier than ever!

So, yet again, it has been a long time since I last updated this blog… I’m not even sure the B word is appropriate any more as it suggests some sort of continuity.

Why have I decided to try and breathe life into this corpse like corner of the web? Well, I’m working on a new book which I’m getting rather excited about. I’m currently world building, which is something I’ve never really done before having only dealt with short stories where the bubble of the tale was pretty small. With this new project I have grand visions of a multi book serial with spin offs to other ideas that I have rolling around somewhere in the back of my mind closet.

Last night, I went to a short story evening called Talking tales where a lovely chap called Mark read one of my short stories and did a fantastic job of it too. It was a really great feeling to hear the crowds reaction , laughter, gasps, unsettled murmurs as the tale came to a close. It was very much like playing music, which I do from time to time, and actually having that instantaneous feedback and the feeling that, yes, I’ve done it right, it’s working god damn it… It works!! It works!!!… Was a really great feeling, all yummy inside… Forgive the Dr Emmet Brown moment there.

I plan to be far more active in the self proclaimed capacity of an author and so shall end-ever to keep this blog up to date. Mainly I’ll be chatting about cool resources I’ve found in my hunt to refine my craft and, possibly, put up little stories from time to time.

Keep warm out there in the Oliverse… It’s a chilly place.